Friday, September 9, 2016

Another View on the Sunzi's Victory Temple Model vs. The Moscow Rules.

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My associates and I are not in the intelligence business.  Nor do we play the role of intelligence gathering operators on a TV show. However, we just possess an "above average" comprehension of how to connect the exploitation of  strategic intelligence to the strategy game.

Review of the Moscow Rules
Moscow Rules are a set of guidelines used for chaotic situations.    ... Click here for more information

The Sunzi's Victory Temple Model

The Sunzi's Victory Temple model requires someone to be deliberately mindful of their terrain and beyond, the past events, the present moment and the projected future before concluding a decision.  This strategic intelligence-driven model/methodology operates on the premise of identifying the factors that leads to the development and the implementation of a strategic multiplier. 
  While Moscow rules are designed for those who cannot and/or would not spend some time, reading the circumstance while  enjoying the act of pulling a bunch of rules from their "deriair,"

Their frame of reference is quite finite and is usually based on incomplete information.

Certain surviving parties who have used it, succeeded  for various reasons. We assessed that their superior tactical acumen was not the main reason.  The incompetency and/or the un-mindfulness of their opposing counterparts are usually the primary origin of their success.

In the field game where a decision can mean life and death. It does not matter whether the below average decision maker got lucky with a bad decision or a good decision maker got screwed with a good decision and bad circumstances.  Completing the objective while surviving is the name of the game. 

Sooner or later, the decision maker will regress to their mean. 

The Two Questions of the Day
In a chaotic setting where you have the advantage of time, do you think with your basic instinct?  Or  do you strategize?

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