Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Taking on the Lensten Challenge (A Note for the Martial Artists)

(updated at 18:18 hr)

The Lensten Challenge is an annual event that Rick Matz of Cook Ding's Kitchen has developed to motivate the lazy martial art players to exercise.   My associates and I are participants of this "virtual" event.

Different Strokes For Different Folks
Following is a sample listing of the various daily internal martial arts training sessions:
  • the serious Baguazhang player usually walk a circle that is two to three meters in diameter for 30  to 120 minutes per day;
  • the above-average health-conscious Taijiquan players preferred the activity of performing the long (88+ moves) set with a fast tempo and the short set in a slow tempo all within a 30-45 minutes period every 12 hours;and 
  • the earnest Yiquan player usually focuses on performing the various standing postures all within 70-90 minutes.  Most of the time, he/she preferred to practice the basic "Holding the Post" posture (zhan zhuang).
The traditional followers of certain Wudang martial art sections were famous for climbing steep mountains on rainy winter days and nights while carrying certain implements and objects on their back for the purpose of building or reinforcing their meta-physical fortitude.  

Side Notes
The Lensten Challenge has more meaningful "physical reason" to improve the integrity of one's physical and mental being than the Krispy Cream Challenge.   Eating 12 doughnuts during a running event is not a good idea.

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