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Notes on Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings (Section 8 of Chapter 1)

Source: Orichinese
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The Civil Teaching: Preserving the State

Observed lessons 
  • Situations and the components that are embedded within the state it is cyclical.
    • Understand the cyclical stage behind the matrix of connectivity (The Dao) of the state will enable the chief decision maker to lead and manage. 
  • Understanding the significance of the relevant traditions and the tangible practices for each seasonal situations. 
  • Disallowing the outcome of a tactical situation to be a permanent fixture in one's life. 
  • When the season is positive, prepare for a chaotic season.
  • When the season is negative, prepare for a stable season.
  • The responsibility of a principal leader is to anticipate ahead and influence people to prepare now.
The majority of our society view most matters in the short term and presumed that tomorrow will be an extension of today.  In fruitful seasons, people relax, slack off and enjoy themselves. In futile seasons, they become demoralized and consider the possibility of losing hope.

The chief decision makers should realized that all things change and the state of it are seasonal.  Their role is to prepare for uncertain times when it is positively certain and influence the people to be positive and motivated when the times are negative.

Comment From the Compass Desk
The constant viewing of events and objects in seasonal cycles has always enabled the successful strategists to anticipate certain opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

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