Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Acknowledgement to Phil Dawson, a Ultra Class Professional

Source: SFBay . ca

We have always admired anyone who can operate proficiently in their profession while going above and beyond the call of the duty.  Phil Dawson, the kicker of the SF 49ers,  is one of them. 

After so many years of prevailing in the trenches, he was named the MVP of his team.

Fwiw, the kicker is one of the loneliest positions in the game of football game. Regardless of the climate or the ball position, the kicker must either score or fail. Occasionally, the penalty for failing is professionally fatal.

Source: CBS Local

Click here for our view on how Phil Dawson's, the current SF 49er kicker stays focused while avoiding distractions and contentment, regardless of the possible unpredictability of his terrain.

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