Sunday, January 31, 2016

Google's AlphaGo Software 1 Man 0

(updated on 02/01/16)

Click here on the latest technological victory over man.  

The Google's Connection
Deep Mind, the developer of the AlphaGo software is owned by Google.

Game Notes
Regardless of the victoryFan Hui was just 2-dan professional and had only played in Europe.   ... It should be interesting when AlphaGo  is pitted against Lee Se-dol in March 2016.   ...  Most of the world class Go players resided in Asia. 

Click here for specific information on those five games that AlphaGo won and click here on the technical positives and negatives of AlphaGo.

The Compass Perspective
How does man defeats a machine that recognizes all of the strategic and tactical positions? He creates a setting that utilizes misinformation and disinformation or creates a non-connective pattern that the machine does not recognize.

The successful strategist are those who can determine the opponent's next move. are usually one move ahead.   Those who are strategically three moves ahead, possessed the grand advantage of determining the opponent's strategy.

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