Monday, May 25, 2015

The Return to The Theory of "The Dao of Everything"

(Updated on 5/25/15)

Many weeks ago,  Hillary Clinton, current presidential candidate visited Mayor Ed Lee at Red Blossom Tea, a San Francisco's Chinatown tea store for the obvious publicity reasons.

This presidential candidate  presented her brand of leadership by establishing the act of credibility with some of her vast voter base. She methodically displayed the courage of leaving a tea store and began the process of "meeting and greeting" with some of the residents of San Francisco's Chinatown. This act of benevolence, also displayed the image of wisdom to the SF Chinese residents and some of the S.F. tourists. ... 

The above act is a social-political flavor of implemented strategic power. 

Leadership by Connecting
Exemplary leadership is about properly and punctually demonstrating an assortment of actions relating to wisdom, credibility, benevolence, courage and discipline to the right people. ... Smart political leaders of all sorts who are mindfully aware, usually performed this deed quite well.

Idealistically, seeing the Dao of their settings usually enables one to shape their grand terrain and its "connecting" secondary terrains. ... One who consistently connects these dots, will eventually 
succeed in the information-based opportunity economy.

Remember, macro coincidences are usually scripted.

Other Interesting Visits
In 2012, President Obama did the Dim Sum tour through San Francisco's Chinatown  tour and was reelected.

President Clinton visited Eastern Bakery a San Francisco Chinatown bakery located on Grant Avenue in 1996 and was reelected. (Fwiw, their egg custard pastry is superb.  It goes well with the green tea from Red Blossom Tea Store.)

Click here and here  for the picture

Side Note
In 1988, vice president George Bush visited another San Francisco Chinese tea place on Grant Avenue during his West Coast "meet and greet" campaign tour and won the presidential election.

Comments From The Compass Desk

The Dao of everything means that people generally presumed the causation of a presumed simple event with simple reasoning without recognizing the factors behind it.

This correlation between those mentioned events does not mean a guaranteed win for Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential election.  Based on the projected voter numbers between the Democrats, the Republicans and the Independents, the odds are favoring Ms. Clinton if certain negative publicity does not ruin her campaign.  The Republicans are not going to let the Democrats win the 2016 presidential election without a good fight.

When comparing events, objects and other unique matters, the successful strategist usually operates from a wide sampling of data and a set of quality factors, would rarely ever utilizes the reason of "correlation implied causation".

source: xkcd

The "correlation implied causation" reasoning rarely ever works in a complex setting especially where the risk consequence of a bad decision could be more monumental than the risk reward.

A Humorous Side Note
One of our favorite but strange  "correlation implied causation" examples is Denver Broncos always losing the Super Bowl game during the Chinese Lunar Year's Year of Horse (1978, 1990, and 2014).

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