Saturday, August 30, 2014

Persistence Prevails: The Zebra 1 The Lion 0

How should one hold themselves in the face of adversity? 
In most instances, zebras that are under attack by lions, lose. In the final moment, their posture changed, they bowed their heads, and submitted to their fate. 

Sometimes, the zebra gets lucky and reverses the situation

The following film clip shows the zebra drowning the lion.

In life, the successful competitors (or strategists)  never bow their heads. They keep standing straight, never adopting the posture of defeat, and always refusing to surrender.  

"It is persistence which wins many challenges. And persistence is strictly a matter of force of will. ... Sometimes, the outcome of a competition is not decided by the first strategic move or even the third. ... Rather, fortitude is involved. Force of will is persistence. If one does not lose their sense of self, he or she will persist and their strategic power will not diminish. ... On the contrary, it will endure after their body has wasted away." - A Nameless Strategist

Understanding the configuration of one's Big Tangible Picture (BTP) and beyond, is the starting step. .We presumed that you know how to do that!?  ... Do you? 

Comments From The Compass Desk
From our experience, the will to prepare is greater than the will to win.  Do you know why?

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