Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Listen to Dr. Ralph Sawyer's View on the Dao De Jing on the John Batchelor's Radio Show

This past evening, John Batchelor  interviewed Dr. Ralph D. Sawyer, a famous Chinese military history expert and the translator of Sun Tzu (Sunzi) Art of War on the martial perspective of Dao De Jing. 

Click here  for the audio. 

Comments From the Compass Desk 
Those who have complied with the essence of the Dao De Jing, understand that the principal challenge in life is to fluidly manage the on-coming changes while maintaining their virtue. 

One of the most challenging tasks for any reader of the Dao De Jing  is to connect their personal experiences to one of the 81 chapters.   This feat would enable one to comprehend the state of their virtue while deciding on how to adjust to the extremity of a situation. It also allows him/her to anticipate certain forthcoming opportunities.

Our experience tells us that this feat could only be achieved by consistently possessing and maintaining a center of mindfulness.   ... More on this unique view will be expanded in a future post.   

Side note: You could learn more on the basics of centerness by visiting Cook Ding's Kitchen.

We highly recommended this translation of the Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching)  for those who are involved in a highly competitive terrain  and are in need of a "worldly" viewpoint.   . . . 

Endorsement  of Other Translations
We also highly endorsed the D.C. Lau's  and  the Dr. Roger T. Ames translation of the Dao De Jing  for a different perspective.

Side Note 
Choosing the tactical approach of wu-wei to complete for any objective in an predictable setting is easy for any neophyte/professional amateur.  Determining the predictability of a situation while implementing the same "idealistic" approach in an uncertain setting is the real challenge.  We will discuss more on this topic later.

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