Monday, May 19, 2014

Succeeding in the Information Economy: Assessing your Terrain. Assessing Yourself.

(updated at 11:18 hr)

Are you a large fish in a small terrain or a small fish in a small terrain? 

Better yet. are you a shark in a pond or a minnow in a ocean?
Are you capable of becoming the pilot fish regardless of the water settings? 

Are you one move ahead of the competition? Or are you one move behind?

At home you are the king or the queen.  

Out in the field, are you a pawn (a field level expediter )? Or are you a knight (a field level problem solver)?

The above questions represent how some people generally assessed the basics of their current situation.  

The successful strategists preferred to assess their competitive situation in terms of the degree of "strategic connectivity."  

Knowing the specific factors and how it all connects together for that situation is how one defines the "strategic connectivity."  

Focus on comprehending the relationships of the objects not on the grand object. It is one of the many keys to strategic success.

Minor Jottings
The smart experts usually become the rook (the experienced and well-rounded problem solver) or the bishop (the well-networked adviser) while possessing the skills of the knight.

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