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A Tangible Book on the Achievements of Zhuge Liang by Dr. Ralph Sawyer

Updated on 11.29.2014

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A decidedly historic figure whose legend was increasingly magnified over the centuries, Zhuge Liang (Chu-ko Liang) has long been regarded as a brilliant strategist, commander, administrator, inventor, practitioner of the esoteric arts, originator of arcane wisdom, military thinker, and a sagacious king maker. His geostrategic insights rescued Liu Pei from extinction, resulting in China’s Three Kingdoms period, and his innovative tactics – including the “empty city ploy” -- reportedly resulted in defeating vastly superior, often befuddled foes. His escapades and achievements have become the subject of tales and novels, movies and tv serializations, and he looms large in war games and contemporary media. However, understanding his extensive military writings requires penetrating the myths and stories, discerning Chu-ko Liang’s real accomplishments, and acknowledging his shortcomings. In addition to a complete, annotated translation of all his martial works and many of his missives and memorials,Zhuge Liang: Strategy, Achievements, and Writings contains an extensive historical introduction which outlines the military context, examines his strategic thought, and analyzes the numerous campaigns he personally directed after Liu Pei’s death. Insights from the Art of War and other classic Chinese military works well familiar to Chu-ko Liang are employed throughout.

Ralph D. Sawyer, an independent historical scholar who studied at MIT and Harvard and serves as a consultant to international conglomerates and defense agencies, specializes in Chinese military and intelligence issues. His historical works include Ancient Chinese WarfareThe Tao of Deception, and the Tao of Spycraft. His translations, all with extensive historical introductions and commentary, range from the Seven Military Classics of Ancient China through Sun-tzu Art of WarSun Pin Military Methods, the Hundred Unorthodox Strategies, the Tao of War, and Strategies for the Human Realm. He is also Senior Research Fellow with the Warring States Project and a Fellow of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies.

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