Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Succeeding in the Competitive Economy: Building The Competitive Mojo Before The Game

Building The Mojo 
Various players would do certain rituals to start up their competitive mojo.  Wade Boggs, the former Bosox 3rd baseman starts his ritual by eating some sort of chicken meal before a game. Where Tim Lincecum, the S.F. Giants  Cy Young winning pitcher would regularly eat In and Out's "Double-Double" burgers before a game and/or after the game. .

Wade Boggs would also fielded 150 ground balls before a game.  

Steve Young, the famous S.F. Niners quarterback used to vomit before a football game while his teammate Ronnie Lott would read Sunzi The Art of War. Bill Walsh, the late great Niners coach used to visualize himself behind a glass wall before the game.  The practice of this unique exercise stabilized his emotions and enabled him to stay focused on the  the game.  He would then look at his master script before doing anything else. (The last two practices are some of our favorite psychological preparation tactics.)

Dominik Hasek, the former great goalie of Detroit Red Wings used to stretch continuously before the game and during the breaks within the game.  This act of stretching enabled him to become one of the greatest hockey goalies.  Do you know why it works?

The former Oakland Raiders quarterback, Ken Stabler was famous for drinking Jack Daniel's whiskey before and after the game.  

One Celtics point guard preferred to sprint around the arena as a part of his pregame ritual. The current S.F. Niners QB Colin Kaepernick also performed a similar routine.  ... Do you know why it works?   ... Some athletes would also consume gallons of coffee or cans of Red Bull before the game begins. The reasoning should be obvious. 

So, what set of "competitive mojo accelerating" practices have you been utilizing? Has it always connected you to your well-being?

Other Unique Practices
From the Six Secret Teachings book, Jiang Tai Gong suggested the act of fasting before making a consummate decision..  

Thoughts From The Compass Desk
In some cases, one must have a competitive drive to do anything relevant. Knowing the approach to energized oneself is quite the challenge.

To build the competitive mojo, one must be consciously aware of their own internal being. Studying it through a book is not going to help anyone. 

There are many ways to achieve this arcane feat. Our friends at Cook DIng's Kitchen are profound practitioners of the internal martial arts and have advised us that one of the most effective practices is the Yi Quan's standing post

The intent behind this practice and other rituals is the centering of oneself psychologically and spiritually.

We will review more on the topic of "The Art of the Focus" in a future post.

Side note
The Cult of the Art of War has a tendency of preaching that that one becomes competitive by reading the Art of War. From our observations and our experience , that tactic does not work unless that person has successfully compete at that present level or above.  In an extreme situation, the amateur "Art of War" reading competitor would be slaughtered like a lamb.

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