Sunday, June 23, 2013

Psychology is Strategy: Assessing Oneself Through The Way of the Sword

"I study the sword to understand my soul. After many years of training, the sword became my soul.  Now I study my soul to understand the sword.  ... "   -Anonymous 

The previous post focuses on "assessing the competition: through "The Way of The Sword."  This post highlights on self analysis.

Comments From the Compass Desk
How does that quote reflects one's strategic behavior?

After the completion of an endeavor, most people would just walk away without a thought about  it.  Then there are some people who would study their past actions to understand their motive and their chosen methods.  The rare few usually reflected on their previous motives and their chosen methods for the purpose of comprehending the meaning of their actions.

"Learning from the lessons" is what many people have always talked about doing, but only a  few people have really follow-through on it.

One's action is a extension of one's own consciousness while the state of one's conscious is a reflection of one's own action.  .

Video tape yourself handing a non-sharp edged sword and observe the following five points:
  • your state of relaxation;
  • your state of groundness
  • you state of center-ness
  • your state of calmness; and 
  • your state of wholeness.
By reviewing those five  mentioned states,  you can conclude whether you are operating in a meta-physical state of controlled focus or a meta-physical state of flexibility.  ...  In summary, It does not matter whether you are swinging a sword or washing a window pane, each relevant action is considered to be an extension of your mind.  ... Think about it  ... 
We will touch on the parallels and dis-parallels between the two different processes in a .future post.

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