Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to Secure the Strategic Advantage (or Strategic Value) in One's Competitive Terrain

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s current chief executive, loves to tell people that he spends “98 percent of my time thinking about 2 percent probabilities."  ... It becomes the alpha priority because of his understanding of managing risk in different situations. 

In your competitive terrain, where do you think that 2% is located at ?

Do you think that you can capitalize on the 2% before your competition can?

Side Notes

Targeting the 2% is a good grand tactical rule for the competitive-driven strategists who have the grand advantage of the time, space and resources. Click here for other unique strategic and tactical rules

Compass View
There are those highly competitive situations where the obvious strategic values between the various competition are near-even. By focusing on the two percent, the successful strategists would sometimes identify the perennial force multiplier (a circumstance of numerous variables that presented the strategists the needed strategic leverage) for that projected grand moment.

The 2% could be in this abridged list of strategic factors:

  • the leadership;
  • the strategy;
  • the tactics;
  • the resources; and 
  • the infrastructure.
You can find more about the basics behind those strategic factors in your copy of the Seven Strategy Classics (Seven Military Classics of Ancient China).   ... Hmmm!  ...  I wondered if it is in our copy of Zhang Liang's favorite essays on strategy. 

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