Sunday, May 12, 2013

Assessing the Competition (from the View of Sunzi's Art of War)

Following is an abridged check list of our strategic assessment process
  • Assess the competitiveness of a strategic situation.
  • Identify the five critical strategic factors (1. The Matrix of Connectivity; 2. the Cyclical Stage of a Situation; 3. The Strategic State of a Situation; 4. The Efficacy of the Chief Decision Makers; 5. The Effectiveness of the Logistics) behind the competitiveness.
  • Based on the five critical strategic factors, are you able to determine the strategic efficiency of each competitor?
  • Based on the analysis of each competitor's strategic efficiency, are you able to determine the situational advantage of each competitor?
  • Based on the answers of the previous questions, what is the best objective and the most pragmatic approach for each side?
  • Based on the proper assessment of the specific strategic and tactical factors, who has the advantage?
Using the answers on those questions, one concludes that who could have the "one to two steps" advantage over their other competitors. (We will review that strategic point later.)   Having the "one to two steps" advantage is the golden ring of the business. 

The next step is performing the scenario modeling stage where one determines the following factors:
  • the "first move" factor 
  • the "maneuver to advantage" factor and 
  • the "orthodox-unorthodox" factor.
After using those questions as a guide, were you able to assess the strategic efficiency of your competition? 

Based on your total assessment, do you believed that you have the foundation to thaw your competition's plans?  Better yet, do you think that you are able to defeat them through the various tactical match-ups especially in a heads-up contest?

Will those myriad of match-ups evidently lead your total victory?

Comments From The Compass Desk
In the future, we will publish our book on strategic assessment. The framework utilizes the Li Quan's strategic assessment chart as a guide. 

This unique chart integrates the various principles from specific Chinese strategy classics which enables the user to see from a top down view and a ground up perspective.

Due to our priorities, we have not decided on whether to publish our translation of Li Quan's commentary on Sunzi. ... However, there is a strong possibility that we will publish our e-book on Compass Scripting soon. 

Side note
To those who read, preach and teach the Art of War, do you know how to use the Five Critical Strategic Factors in your assessment of any situation? ... Are you able to forecast the predictability and the strategic position of any situations? ... 

The clue is here.  ... 

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