Friday, November 18, 2011

Connect the Dots and Reap the Rewards

Whenever there is a political-economic-social correction, one should expect the people on the top of the value chain to change their operational focus. On the long term, these type of jobs will continually be exported to offshore regions. The U.S. workers will be hurt. The effect will then trickle down through the social-economicl value chain. The history of the U.S. manufacturing economy tells us that the grand objective of achieving cost efficiency and operational effectiveness is the name of the game.

The way of the information economy is that the technology enables the various business organizations to create jobs at other locations. It also increases the productivity while decreasing certain low tier jobs that requires redundancy and massive paper work. It is only a matter of time, that the certain niches with the U.S. service industry will be reduced to a minimum.

In a virtual information economy, a macro correction in one region could later create another opportunity for another region. The "Yin and Yang effect" is what one would see if he or she pays attention to the Big Tangible Picture (BTP).

Connect the dots before the competition does and one will prevail.

[ Updated on 11.25.2011 ]

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