Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Dao of the Amateur Spycraft

(updated on 090717 at 12:12 hrs)

Securing sound and solid intelligence is the first step to establishing an efficient strategic position.  

The Boston Red Sox took that strategic pointer to a different level through technological means.  However, they got caught by their favorite rival.  Now the Red Sox is forced to admit that they have cheated.

Regardless of the outcome, one must contemplate about the lesson that is learned.  ...  Those who pursue this practice, must properly master the projected informational gathering technique before ever executing it in the field.  Being exposed for using it is usually embarrassing.  ...  

The Pragmatic Practice
This situation could have been avoided if the Red Sox had carefully utilize more than one signaler in each game and switched them during each inning for each individual games. 

Training each signalers properly in terms of initial signals and contingency signals, would have been helpful too. Therefore the Yankees would not have caught them.  

Problem: If the receiver of the signal does not possess the "emotional-intellectual" capacity to absorb the information, then he will be confused and lose track of what to do next.

The better strategic move was to expose the Yankees for the same action first.   

Conclusively, this exposure is more about gamesmanship than anything else.  In spite of this situation, both teams has to play the actual game.  

The Theory of Strategic Positioning
The "strategic positioning" concept is about gaining a position that gives the field team the advantage of anticipating a minimum of two steps ahead while moving a minimum of half a move ahead.

Depending on the timeline factor and the resources factors, the next step is determining the most efficient strategic approach.  (That is another topic)

The Compass View 
In the information economy,  most of our public actions are always being monitored and recorded.  It is important to always contemplate carefully on implementing the right strategic moves while be mindfully aware of establishing the strategic position.

When deciding on the type of strategic position, knowing the timeline and the efficiency rate of the available resources for the current situation and its prioritization to the Big Tangible Picture always help.

Minor Update
Click here on the latest update on Red Sox's Spy Gate.

Side note: A ballplayer using a mouthguard as a listening device is moderately possible because of the constant evolution of technology.  However, would that person be perceived as insane for doing so? 

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