Friday, May 19, 2017

The Basics of an Unorthodox Strategy (2)

The T'ai-tsung said, "If, as Sun-Tzu said, 'dividing and combining are changes, 'wherein lie the unorthodox and orthodox?"

Li Ching said: For those who excel at employing troops there are none that are not orthodox, none that are not unorthodox, so they cause the enemy  never to be able to fathom them. Thus with the orthodox they are victorious, with the unorthodox they are also victorious. The officers of the Three Armes only know the victory, none know how it is attained. Without being able to fully comprehend the changes, how could outstanding generals attain this? As for where, the dividing and combining come from, only Sun-tzu was capable of comprehending it. From Wu-Chi , no one has been able to attain it."
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