Monday, October 19, 2015

Notes on Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings (Section 6 of Chapter 1)

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The observed lessons from the sixth section of chapter one (The Civil Teaching: Six Preservations) are:
  • To keep their position, a CEO should use six preservations: benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, trust, courage and planning.
  • To find people who will use these, give them power and responsibility, then watch how they behave. Endanger them and watch.
  • Never lose the three treasures: products/services that fulfill the immediate gratification of the masses; the building of productive tools; and customer service  (The original transcript states agriculture, industry and commerce as the three treasures).
  • People who operate in similar profession should live in the same location.
Of the six preservations:
  • Benevolence shows care of others, who will care in return.
  • Righteousness shows fairness and so avoids indignation.
  • Loyalty engenders love and reciprocal loyalty.
  • Trust gives people the scope to betray, exposing those who cannot be trusted.
  • Courage leads people to admire you and inspires them to bravery too.
  • Planning leads to deliberate and reliable action that benefits from thought rather than hope

Position people into "stressful" situations, where they can utilize their influence to save themselves by harming others, is a great test of character. We all have "stress" values, which are different to our everyday values.

Of the three treasures:

  • Providing products/services by technologists and specialists that offered immediate gratifications to the masses (Original transcript- Agriculture is performed by farmers who feed the people.)
  • Industry is the characteristic of engineers and inventors who build productive objects.
  • Commerce is utilized by  marketing specialists who provide the services and goods for the consumers and  sell the excess products of many.

The three treasures are the basis for an ambitious capitalist-driven company today, as well as in ancient China. If all three treasures are secured, then the overall financial state of a company will thrive.

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