Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Surviving in the "Distraction" Economy: Being Mindfulness

(updated 04/29/15)

In the information economy, it is quite difficult for most people to stay focused. Avoiding the distractions is always the daily challenge. 

What strategic approach does one utilizes when walking around a fast-paced city

The Compass Solution
We personally preferred the practice of centering as the grand solution.

While centering yourself to the current position, be relaxed and grounded. Stay calm while feeling whole. Focused on the present.  Secure your space. Allow the noise and the 10,000 things pass by. 

Being mindfully focused enables you to be responsible to your objectives and yourself from your fixed point – your grounded position – from which all other points are connected to.

To be completely agile and mobile, carrying light is a key tactical factor. Try to keep both hands free.


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