Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Problem of the Day: Are You Able To Perform Scenario Planning (or Scenaro Modeling) with Sunzi Strategic Principles?

"Regardless which Sunzi's The Art of War translation that you are utilizing, the conceptual "end question" is near-always the same: would you be in a superior strategic positioning than your competition?  ..."

If your competitor has the superior strategic positioning, what are your first three moves that you would use to reverse the overwhelming odds?

Possessing the following qualities (the correct Sunzi's translation, tangible strategic experience, the strategic skill to see the Big Tangible Picture and to think geometrically while under the pressure of time) gives the competing strategist a better chance to understand the tectonic level behind the Big Tangible Picture.

We will elaborate more on this unique subject matter in a future post.

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