Sunday, January 18, 2015

Having Strategic Thoughts While Sipping on a Hot Cup of Dragonwell Tea.

"Regardless of the social-economic status, the ambitious strategist usually  reflect on this following point- the current velocity of life does not offer anyone the time for anyone to think reflectively and be analytical.  ... Whatever you do, focus on seeing the direction of the "Big Picture" and if the timing is right, you have to make the opportunistic move without any hesitation.  .." - An Anonymous Strategist 

We at the Dao of Strategy, preferred to anticipate a few moves ahead while implementing a half move forward through our process of assessing the configuration of the terrain with the mindfulness of pursuing the vertical position and the influencing of the right objective.

Grand Assessment 

Do you know what is your tangible destination? Those who are results-driven, usually know what they wanted.

Do you know if your map is good enough to assist you to reach that destination. Those who are process-driven, usually know what is the best tool that would get them there.

If there is a macro change, do you know if your compass is able to help you to capitalize on positive opportunities while avoiding negative circumstances?

Do you know how to reach your destination with minimal distraction while encountering the least numbers of obstacles?

More to come.   ... 

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