Saturday, December 13, 2014

Succeeding with Inefficiency: The Delusion of Poor Strategic Thinking


"90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. ..." - Harvard Business School research

"Three out of the four projects never leave the starting line." - Anonymous 

60%+ of strategies fail due to a misunderstanding of the goal and their surroundings.”     - 2009 Survey from

70% of all strategies fail,  (Most of these strategies were basically sound, but could not be executed). 
-  An estimation by Fortune Magazine 

Comments From The Compass Desk 
We believed that the origin of this problem begins in the poor understanding of the following three points:
  • the poor assessment of the Big Tangible Picture of one's terrain;
  • the poor positioning of oneself through the planning and preparation" process; and
  • the "influencing of the terrain and the competition within it.
One cannot plan and execute when he/she does not understand their grand terrain and beyond. Do you agree?

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