Monday, April 21, 2014

Dr. Ralph Sawyer on the John Batchelor's Radio Show

updated on 4.23.14

We have heard through our sources that Dr. Ralph D. Sawyer, a famous Chinese Military History expert and the translator of Sun Tzu (Sunzi) Art of War, have been recently interviewed by John Batchelor's.  This future radio interview will be focused on his recent book on the Zhou era and the Martial version of Dao De Jing. 

Notes on the John Batchelor Show
The John Batchelor's show usually focuses on a multitude of national and international issues that matters.  Mr. Batchelor does a superlative job in transforming an issue into a well-thought out story. Their "book review" portion of the show is always fascinating.  

Some of us preferred the weekly "Hotel California" segment that focuses on the state of California or the Tuesday segment on the conservative view of the economy while I personally preferred the topic of "NASA and space travel."

Those who are engaged in the "moderate to high risk, high reward" strategy game, could learn something unique from this show.

Click here  if you are interested in listening to any of John Batchelor recent radio shows.  

Comments From the Compass Desk 
Those who have complied with the essence of the Dao De Jing, know that the challenge in life is to manage the on-coming changes while maintaining their virtue. 

One of the most challenging tasks for anyone  is to connect their personal experiences to one of the 81 chapters of Dao De Jing.  Our experience tells us that this feat could only be achieved by consistently possessing and maintaining a center of mindfulness.   ... We will expand our view on this matter in a future post.   

Side note: You could learn more on the basics of centerness by visiting Cook Ding's Kitchen.

We highly recommended this translation of the Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching) especially for those who are involved in a highly competitive situation.   . . .  We also highly endorsed the D.C. Lau's  and  the Dr. Roger T. Ames translation of the Dao De Jing  . 

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