Monday, January 13, 2014

The Dao of Competitiveness (The San Francisco Forty Niners vs. The Seattle Seahawks)

To maintain their home field advantage, Seattle Seahawks implemented a strategic move to prevent the fans of their San Francisco from cheering their team on their field this Sunday. Denver Broncos  are also implementing the same decision. 

Is it unethical?  No.  This is what real competition is about. 

At this level, diminishing the psyche of the competition and their fan base at every phase of the "real" game  (before the actual game, during the actual game and after the actual game) is the first step.

In this "do or die" situation, the stakes are quite high. Competitors at this level would do whatever it takes to win.  Losing is not an option.

This extreme gamesmanship also happens in politics, chess tournaments and academic contests. the observing spectators are always mindful of it.

Regardless of the moderately competitive elements, the successful chief strategist reminds the team to stay focused to their script and that the game is always won on the field.

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