Sunday, November 3, 2013

The First Step to Succeeding in the Info. Economy: Staying Focused

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We are living in a society where many of the technology-dependent people possessed an attention span of one minute and have the immediate need for automatic gratification. They have a tendency of  trying to find different stimuli that would enable him or her to stay focused on that one task.

Currently, staying focused on one task is the most difficult thing to accomplish. To some people, this pseudo-easy task  could be the only thing. 

As many great masters recommended their readers with this following key phrase, "Practice. ... Practice... Practice"

Some preferred to follow this phrase, "Practice. Reflect. Optimize. Improve. Evolve. .."

The Psychology of Mono-Tasking
One usually focuses on a task when it is a tangible priority. Psychologically, this behavior centers the person on the given task.   

Understanding of the configuration behind the given task gives the chief decision maker the options on knowing where to focus their time and their energy. By knowing the given constraints behind the task, one knows what to focus on and what to neglect for a certain time.

Not every task is the same. It is all about how the chief decision makers make their decisions. Successful strategists usually decide on their tasks that are  based on these five points:
  • the risk of completing the task;
  • the constraints for completing the task; 
  • the complexity of completing the task, 
  • the length of completing the task; and 
  • the precedence of the task  to the precedence of the Big Tangible Picture
Knowing those points allows them to stay focused on the task with ease.

The Compass Exercise of Mindfulness
How does one build a consistent state of mindfulness?

He/she isolates him or herself in a solitary room and focuses on the act of centered relaxation by standing.  The next step is to focus on one's task while being mindful of one's setting.

This feedback-based approach requires a certain level of methodicalness from start to finish. It starts with a mindful focus of self-centerness

Notes From The Compass Desk
By cultivating this skill of mindfully focused on a daily basis, one has just accumulate a small but significant strategic advantage against those who cannot stay focused on one target for a long chronological-driven interval. From our experience, this skill is also useful when strolling through an extreme chaotic and complex setting. 

Those who do know, will not say.  However you can learn more about this unique practice at Cook Ding's Kitchen.

Remember to be patient and build the experience of strategic fortitude. Use your awareness of your actions at different situations .  

We will discuss more on the psychology of strategy in future posts.

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