Monday, April 1, 2013

Do You Know How to Give Your Team The Winning Mojo?

Side note: Ignore the first 15 seconds of the video

This is the first week of major league baseball season, the  beginning  of a 162 game marathon. 50% of the participants will win.  Obviously, the other 50% will lose.   At the conclusion of the championship series, there will only be one lone team standing.  

Creating The Winning Momentum  
Before the game, some sport fans would performed strange rituals to become "game ready." They do everything from wearing their favorite cap to listening or singing to specific music and eating certain food. 

When a team is losing, the performance of more strange rituals continues. Some people (fans and players) do the rally cap ritual.  Others twirled their thumbs or repetitively touched their rabbit foots.  The losing team frequently use an array of high tech visual and audio device to arouse the attention of their fan base.  

The St Louis Cardinals, The NY Yankees, The Chicago Cubs, The Chicago White Sox, and a few others still employed the pipe organ to "rally up" their fans.

The L.A. Angels fans are famous for their thunderstick ritual while the Braves fans would do the Tomahawk ritual.  

Does it work?  It depends on how one looks at it.  

This psychological or metaphysical placebo offers the fans a sign of hope.   Hope is not a strategy. Nor is it a destination.  Whether the team or a specific player is able to draw some energy is a different story.  ... Being inspired could only go so far. 

The Question For The Day
Do you know the various counter moves for disrupting the mojo flow of the competitor's fans? 

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