Sunday, March 3, 2013

Compass Trend: IPTV vs OTT

For the last few years, IPTV has been the hot technology.  It has slowly diminished the domination of cable in the marketplace that Comcast was forced to start their own IPTV service.

However,  the next hot trend could be OTT.  Will the technical differences between these two technologies give OOT the advantage? ...  This expert  and this research group believed that OOT is a contender.  ... Since Intel has already entered the IPTV marketplace, we believed that IPTV will be able to maintain their momentum for awhile.
Interestingly, when ATT says that they are not worried about the OTT. you can only presumed that they are slightly worried.  ... ( A trivial mention of a competitor occasionally means that there is a slight concern.)   Idealistically, most "alpha-grade" businesses are always in fear of any new competitive force with a better technological-based product that could disrupt their marketplace.

Dish technology is the other alternative for the customer but the service cost is still high. 

More IPTV news can be found at IPTV Daily.

Comments from the Compass Desk
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