Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dao of Strategic Assessment #4: Transforming the Assessed Data to a Strategic Plan.

One assesses the opposition and the grand terrain in order to gain strategic insights about the grand picture. Without a strategic framework of general and specific guidelines, project professionals become overwhelmed and overloaded by a mountain of data. The decision analysis process immediately becomes a liability ...

The key is to transform the volume of data into simple points that everyone can understand.

Son Learns From His Father, but Puts Trust in Himself

... Even if their studio-size quarterback quarters were cramped. Brees remembered the way Schottenheimer packed the place with grease boards that he filled with an opponent’s base fronts and pressure schemes, with tendencies and percentages.

It is always significant to inform your team about the routines of your opposition's many days before the game.


January 18, 2010
Jets Advance to A.F.C. Title Game
The Jets, underdogs for certain, are not content with just making the A.F.C. championship game. To a man, they want to win it, to fulfill the goal Ryan laid out the first time he addressed his team, Super Bowl or bust.


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