Monday, November 2, 2009

Step 1: Understanding The Grand Basics of Strategy

To succeed in life, you must follow the steps of "ready, aim and fire . . . ," not "fire, ready aim . . . "

In competition as in life, one can only be ready, when he or she knows their target. The successful strategist does it by assessing the grand objective and the grand settings that is connected to it. Then he or she positions him or her selves with proper planning and preparation. The final stage is influencing their opposition through the use of directness and indirectness.

Compass Rule: The complete understanding of one's target through the process of assessing, positioning and influencing enables one to "subjugate the predominant paradigm" of the competition.

In future posts, we will talk about
the process of assessing, positioning and influencing and the art and science of subjugating the predominant paradigm.

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