Monday, April 29, 2013

An Interesting Historical Note on Zhuge Liang's Many Achievements

Wooden Ox and Gliding Horse

The wooden ox was an important tool in the ancient city-attacking combat. It was used to shield the attacking soldiers when they were burrowing into the city wall or digging a tunnel, so that they would be protected from the injury of the various projectiles (arrows, stones, wooden beams, gun powder etc)  that was shot from their enemy. 

Four wheels were installed to the wooden ox. Two pieces of wooden board were set up on the chariot on which a flat roof was placed to protect the soldiers inside. About 10 soldiers could be accommodated for one time. The wooden ox would be delivered to the foot of the city that was close to the wall. This shielded-based apparatus allowed the soldiers to be implement their operations.

With the shell of an ox, this tool was also a four-legged wheel barrow.

The gliding horse was a man-powered combat vehicle handled by one person. 

Wooden ox and gliding horse prevailed in the late Han Dynasty in the Ba area and were used mainly for combat transportation. Zhuge Liang made detailed records on them, so people of later generations would learned that the wooden ox and gliding horse was invented by him.

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