Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Compass Toolbox (2): Seven Military Classics of China

Seven  Military Classics of Ancient China?  ...  Are we sure? ... Yes, we are sure.  Now that we have your attention.  ....  Seriously, we are big fans of the principles that are behind the Eight Military Classics of China (Seven Military Classics  of Ancient China and Sun Bin's Military Methods) regarding to using it as a foundation for any strategic endeavor.

With this compendium of knowledge, one could view their targeted terrain (marketplace) from a downward vertical viewpoint.  He or she could also see the non-obvious connections from the essence of leadership culture to the tactical essentials and the tactical specifics.  ... Does the Cult of the Art Of War knows the intricacies behind this unique approach?

Here is the 411 on this super text of strategic concepts and principles:

The Seven Military Classics (武经七书) of China were seven important military texts of ancient China which included Sun-tzu's The Art of War. The texts were canonized under this name during the 11th century AD, and from the Song Dynasty onwards were included in most military encyclopedias. For imperial officers, either some or all of the works were required reading to merit promotion like the requirement for all bureaucrats to learn and know Confucius' work. There were many anthologies with different notations and analyses by scholars throughout the centuries leading up to the present versions in Western publishing. Qing emperor Kangxi, however, considered them to be "full of nonsense." Members of the Communist Party of China also studied the texts during the Chinese Civil War as well as many European and American military minds.
According to Ralph D. Sawyer and Mei-chün Sawyer, who created one of the latest translations, the Seven Military Classics include the following texts:
There are no other known variations of the Seven Military Classics anthology with alternating members but the constituent works themselves have had multiple versions, especially the Art of War, which has had at least a dozen different translations to English in the 20th Century alone.
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More information on this book can be found at Dr. Sawyer's site
Notes on the Sun Bin's Military Methods  can be found here and hereClick here for our views on Sun Bin (Sun Pin).

More to come. 

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