Sunday, December 2, 2012

Other Notes on Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings

The Six Secret Strategic Teachings (六韬) was a treatise on military strategy attributed to the legendary figure Jiāng Zǐyá, a confederate of King Wen of Zhou, founder of the Zhou Dynasty. It is considered one of ancient China's Seven Military Classics.
The Six Strategies can be explained as follows:
1. The Civil Strategy: Never delight in small advantages or that is all you will achieve. The greatest gains result from benevolence and helping others achieve their aspirations for a better world.
2. The Military Strategy: Win with a benevolent purpose and with wit, preferably without actually fighting. You can outwit an opponent through diplomacy and manipulation.
3. The Dragon Strategy: Explore the subtle and complex aspects of the situation without losing control to advisors or becoming confused. Government depends on a centralized and orderly overview which must be well informed.
4. The Tiger Strategy: You must guard against laxity and act in accord with ever-changing conditions. You must observe the effects and interactions of variables such as weather, terrain, and human psychology.
5.The Leopard Strategy: Know your strength and direct it against the weakness of your enemy.
6. The Dog Strategy: Never attack an enemy when his morale is high. Time a concentrated attack when the moment is right.
An Arcane Trivia 
In the Chinese strategy business, one of the most unique trade secrets is the integration of the concepts and principles from the Six Secret Teachings with the Huang Shek Gong's Three Strategies.

Following are the benefits for the implementers of this skills:
  • Seeing the advantages and disadvantages for each relevant situation from a top down perspective;
  • Understanding the tangibility of the situation;
  • Deciding on whether it is possible to secure a victory with the least amount of negative impact.
Does the Art of War Cult (a group of pseudo Sunzi experts) knows the particulars of this trade secret. ...  Ask them one day.  See what he or she say? 
One of our associates reminded us that this answer will be published on the web one day.  We were amused by his naive opinion and reminded him that those who are in this profession know better.  Click on this link  for the tangible reason why it will never happen.
Final Notes
In the back section of our future book project, we might include the parallels and non-parallels between this strategic classic and the Art of War and the exceptional guidelines for certain concepts and principles. 


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