Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lessons from the Life of Zhang Liang (3)

Following is a continuation of one of our favorite strategists:
Zhang Liang was also named Zi Fang. His ancestors had been the prime ministers of the State of Han for five generations.
During Liu Bang's uprising against Qin, Zhang Liang gave counsel and repeatedly defeated the Qin army, leading to their conquest over Xianyang City. In the Hongmen banquet (a feast set up as a trap for the invited), Zhang Liang tried his best to cover Liu Bang out of danger. Later he continued to assist Liu Bang in winning every battle with his wisdom and strategies.
After winning the throne, Liu Bang conferred Zhang Liang as the Marquis of Liu. After that, he offered good plans for protecting the prince and taking the Mayi County, a county of military importance. In his late years, he became devoted in the studies of Emperor Huang and Lao-zi school, and left his job for a secluded life.

Side note: Zhang Liang was a devotee of Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings. It was rumored that he was buried with that book and the Huang Shek Gong's Three Strategies. Both of these books can be found in Ralph Sawyer's Seven Military Classics of Ancient China.

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